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For tackling the smaller of issues, before they progress to something more serious

Spotted new warning lights that have suddenly and unexpectedly appeared on your dash? Is your in-car display showing strange error codes? For these issues, there is car diagnostics.

What is car diagnostics?

A car diagnostics test involves the use of cutting-edge computing equipment which connects to your car to ‘read’ your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU is responsible for monitoring a variety of your car’s systems and it records data about things such as your engine’s temperature and its fluid levels. Because of the wide variety of tasks the ECU undertakes, there are hundreds of potential error codes that can be displayed – usually resulting in plenty of confusion on the driver’s side.

A car diagnostics service makes sense of codes and warning lights – and can be essential if you’re to avoid significant issues with your vehicle, and component failures that could lead to big repair bills.

Our ATA-trained technicians are extensively experienced when it comes to working with car diagnostics equipment and vehicles of all makes and models. Following your test, they’ll discuss what they’ve found in straight forward terms, explaining what repairs or services may be needed to tackle the root cause of the error codes or warning lights. At this stage we’ll present a written quote that breaks down the total price to include parts, labour and VAT.

We never move ahead to undertake other work unless we’ve spoken with you first and have been given an explicit go ahead. What’s more the fixed price that you see is all that you pay for the test itself – no extra charges, no added fees come collection time.

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Should you visit your dealership for diagnostics?

Some vehicle owners believe that they have to visit their original dealership for a diagnostics service. However you’re free to book this service with whoever you wish.

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