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Wheel Alignment Testing – Tracking – Wheel Balancing

Noticed problems with your steering wheel pulling to one side? Do you tyres seem to be wearing far faster than they did previously? Then it may be that your wheel tracking is out.

Incorrectly aligned wheels not only wear tyres more quickly and increase fuel consumption, it can also impact your vehicle’s hold on the road. Should you notice any of the warning signs commonly associated with wheel alignment, it’s important that you book in for a wheel alignment check as soon as possible.

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What is wheel alignment?

When we use the term ‘wheel alignment’ we talk about the angle and positioning of the wheels on a vehicle. A wheel alignment service sets these angles back to the car maker’s original specifications.

How often should you have your wheel alignment tested?

Over time your tracking may naturally move out of alignment. Even if you’ve not hit a significant bump, dip or pothole in the road, manufacturers recommend that your wheel alignment should be tested every year or when new tyres are fitted. This is especially important as the tell-tale signs are not always noticeable, potentially compromising your safety without you even realising.

What happens during a wheel tracking test?

During a wheel alignment test our technicians will place your car onto a ramp – this allows them to test your car’s suspension and wheel bearings before checking your alignment with our advanced wheel alignment equipment. From this check we can read data that tells us whether or not your alignment is out and if so, by how much. Should we discover that the tracking is out, we’ll make adjustments and then re-check the alignment to ensure that the problem is resolved.

How long does wheel alignment take?

The check typically takes less than an hour in total – from the first test, to our technicians addressing any issues, and onto the final test to ensure that any problems are corrected. You’re welcome to stay on-site in our customer waiting area, or you can leave your vehicle with us.

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